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Skiing & Snowboarding

Whether Skiing or Snowboarding this sport can be very hazardous yet can offer great excitment once perfected. It is one of the UK's most popular recreational sports that you can participate in. We can cover you in case of accidental injury or illness such as fractured bones, time in hospital and even time off work. 

There are different types of cover available and we will make a recommendation in terms of which plan is best for you once we have fully understood your needs. We provide a wide variety of policies that not only cover you whilst skiing or snowboarding but also cover you at work too. Infact our plans offer protection for you 24/7 and cover a wide variety of occupations’ to ‘but can help prevent financial hardship which may result from the consequences of an injury, a serious accident or illness, unemployment or death’.

Our clients vary such as the self employed who have no sick pay whatsoever and therefore an accident or time in hospital could have a significant impact on their income, to construction workers who if employed may only receive statutory sick pay which is currrently only £88.45 per week. 


Protection should be essential, especially if you have a family or people that reply on your income.  Even if you are single, you have to live and provide a income for everyday life.  We provide for each protection area, such as Income protection, critical illness, life cover and accident plans etc.

It is important you have the right cover in place.  We can offer a tailored made packaged based on your lifestyle and protection needs for yourself or as a family’.


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